The Team

Currently the project has three main instrument teachers (horn, harp and oboe) in addition to one Alexander Technique teacher working on implementing collaborative teaching approach for sustainable practice and performance. Many of the horn students have taken part in the project already and this year we are planning to include harp and oboe students.

Julius Pranevicius

Julius is professor for horn at the Norwegian Academy of Music and the coordinator of the project. Some of his other projects focus on how digital tools and technologies contribute to music performance education.

Stephen Parker

Stephen is an Alexander Technique teacher at the Norwegian Academy of Music. He has several decades of experience and has worked with many leading performers (musicians, dancers) internationally.

Isabelle Perrin

Isabelle is the harp professor and the Head of Strings at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Matz Pettersen

Matz is the Head of Winds at the Norwegian Academy of Music.